Where Can You View a List of Canadian Postal Codes?

You can view a list of postal codes for Canada by going to Postal-Code.org. From there, you can search the postal code of every city in Canada by using the search portal. Click on Canada at the top of the home page, then choose the province of the city where you wish to find a postal code. You can also find Canadian postal codes on the Canadian postal service's website, CanadaPost.ca.

The Canadian Postal Code is a standard system that is made up of numbers and letters to help sort mail. There are six characters in the postal code. The first three determine the Forward Sortation Area, or FSA, and the last three indicate the local delivery unit.

The FSA determines the main geographic territories with different symbols of the alphabet. The middle entry is always a single-digit number. The local delivery unity is more specific to areas of the FSA, and they begin and end with numbers. The single middle character is always a letter.

The beginning letter in the FSA indicates the territory or province the mail is destined for, with different regions for each particular area. The local delivery unit contains different routes which identify the actual location of the mailing.