How Can You Learn If Hotels in Your Area Offer Hourly Rates?


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Call hotels in your area to find out if they offer hourly rates. Websites such as BookaDayRoom.com and Between9and5.com list hotels across the country that offer hourly hotel room rates.

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In the past, less expensive hotels and motels offering hourly rates did so typically for guests on a romantic outing. As of 2015, more moderately-priced and expensive hotels offer hourly rates during the day to boost revenue. By-the-hour rooms are now micro-stays.

Guests book these rooms to relax during the day, to rest between meetings or to rest while waiting for a flight. Other reasons included using the room for temporary office space or to freshen up before the next event on the schedule. Day-rate room availability may start as early as 8 a.m. and end as late as 7 p.m. Guests book rooms for the entire day or for just a few hours.

Micro-stays are a cross between by-the-hour romantic tryst type hotels and capsule hotels that are popular in Japan. Capsule hotels have very tiny rooms that look more like stacked boxes. They offer cheap, bare-bones overnight lodging for travelers who don’t need typical hotel services and amenities. Capsule rooms are just for sleeping and do not include a bathroom.

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