How Can You Learn the Capitals of the World?

How Can You Learn the Capitals of the World?

How Can You Learn the Capitals of the World?

Learning the capitals of the world has been greatly facilitated by a wide range of geography and learning sites and online courses offering this specialization. Whatever the method, learning world capitals requires persistence and a commitment of time.

  1. Play online games

    Games and quizzes which test geography knowledge are a good way to learn countries' capitals. Sites like are designed for students to click on a country and learn the capital before taking quizzes on topics they have learned. The site is divided according to different levels of expertise, so you can go from beginner to intermediate all the way up to cartographer. Other sites such as give information and quizzes by continent, which can help you master one region at a time.

  2. Use mnemonic devices

    You can learn and retain information using mnemonic devices. For instance, you could use name mnemonics, where the first letter of every capital is associated with the name of a person or object. Music mnemonics, where you put the names to be memorized to a song, can also be used in this context.

  3. Review and test yourself

    Once you think you've mastered the capitals of a particular region, return repeatedly to the same information. Repetition aids memorization. Keep up to date on world news through sites like PBS or BBC. This will help you retain information by giving you additional, current facts about the country or region.