Where Can You Find an Interactive Road Map of California?


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An interactive road map of California can be found on the California Department of Transportation government Web page under the "travel" tab. This website uses a Google Maps application that allows easy interaction with a map that displays and labels all of the roads, cities, lakes and towns within California.

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Where Can You Find an Interactive Road Map of California?
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There are a number of websites that offer interactive mapping frameworks on the Internet, including Google Maps and MapQuest. These two websites are free on any web browser, and allow users to look through maps of California, all of the United States and many other parts of the world. To view the maps of California on either website, simply scroll in on California and specific desired parts in California, or search "California" in the search bar.

Both MapQuest and Google Maps have standard street map views, such as the type of view that is found on a printed map, but they also have a satellite view and a satellite-road map hybrid view. These mapping websites are able to look up specific locations by either name, address or coordinates, and can give driving directions to those destinations from any other location within the country. Furthermore, users are able to zoom in very close to individual areas, and even navigate through the map in a "street view" that uses real pictures to show the area from the perspective of a person standing on the street.

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