Where Can You Find Information About Lodging in Holmes County, OH?

Where Can You Find Information About Lodging in Holmes County, OH?

A good source for information about lodging in Holmes County, Ohio, is visitamishcountry.com. Simply click on the lodging tab for a list of inns, campgrounds and hotels in the area. The site is maintained by the Holmes County Chamber of Commerce and the Amish Country Lodging Council.

Amish Country Ohio lists a variety of lodging options. Rustic cabins, bed and breakfasts, quaint inns and campgrounds are options for those seeking something different. Houses are available to rent, some with as many as seven rooms. Options range from within walking distance to shops and restaurants to quiet, country retreats with scenic views. For a true Amish experience, check out a stay in a Mennonite home.

Special amenities at several of the inns include murder-mystery dinners and sunset buggy rides through Amish country. Campground amenities include lake fishing and swimming. Traditional hotel lodging is available throughout the area.

Amish Country Ohio includes information about events, restaurants, shopping, recreation, attractions and tours. A section with maps is available along with a trip planner. Videos and quizzes help visitors to learn more about the area before setting off on their trips.

Another source of information about lodging in Holmes, Ohio, is ohiosamishcountry.com, which also offers client reviews of various accommodations.