How Can You Find Information About Current Construction Along I-75?


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The best place to find information about current construction along Interstate 75 is by using the Interstate 75 Exit Information Guide. In addition to giving information about restaurants, lodgings, attractions and rest areas, the guide logs construction projects categorized by state. The service is available online and is mobile-friendly. If starting the search from the home page, click on the magnifying glass on the upper right and type "construction."

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Pick out the state you are interested in or scroll down to "I-75 Road Construction" which leads to an overview page with all the states from north to south. Clicking on the Michigan tab pulls up referral links from the Department of Transportation and Michigan DRIVE, the state agency. Clicking on Michigan DRIVE pulls up a comprehensive map with everything from road conditions to construction. The construction search near the bottom left pulls up information by route or county. The search may be narrowed by using a particular route and/or putting in start and end dates.

An alternative is to click on the Major Projects link, right under Michigan DRIVES. This lists construction projects for the interstate and state routes. If any construction is happening on I-75, the roadway is listed. Click on the link for the information. The procedure is similar on the other states.

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