How Can You Identify the Different County Lines on a Map of North Carolina?


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You can identify the different county lines on a map of North Carolina by using the state-mapping resources on the official website of the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The site provides downloadable and Web-based county outline maps with and without county names. Each county also has its own map.

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To find the county maps of North Carolina and identify the different county lines, visit NCDOT.gov and click State Mapping Resources under Travel & Maps in the category section at the bottom of the page. Choose one of the options under the North Carolina County Outline Map to view and identify the state's counties and their respective boundaries.

To view maps of each county, select a county on the map under County Maps, or choose a county from the drop-down menu. The county maps include transportation-relation information, such as city limit, county line, state and federal gameland boundaries, and urban extension lines. Users can also sort county maps according to preference, such as bridge location maps, federal and nonfederal air route maps and microstation map files. Most of the maps are available in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Aside from each county's name and boundaries, information provided by maps on the site includes the division of the counties by district and their approximate latitude and longitude.

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