How Can a Homeless Person Obtain a Free Bus Ticket?

A homeless person in Reno, Nevada, can obtain a free bus ticket by going to the Reno Community Assistance Center and demonstrating that he meets the list of criteria from the Homeless Evaluation Liaison Program. The process is similar in many cities throughout the United States that offer one-way bus tickets to homeless people.

The requirements to obtain a one-way bus ticket in Reno include attending in person, being homeless, and having a sufficient reason to be incapable of staying and working to earn a ticket. A person may be incapable of carrying out day labor to earn a ticket because he is disabled, elderly or a single parent with children. If a person is able to work, he receives emergency housing and day labor information to work and earn the money necessary to purchase his own bus ticket.

The office for the Homeless Evaluation Liaison Program must come in contact with the person who the homeless person is going to stay with after the bus ride. The office doesn’t issue tickets unless a homeless person has a specific location at which to arrive and stay. There are no age or gender restrictions, nor are there any associated fees to obtain a bus ticket.