How Can You Find Your Home Street With an Online Land Map?

Find your home street on an online map from by typing your home address or street name into the website's search bar, which is located on the left side of your screen. Click the green Search button, after which a icon appears that pinpoints your street on the map.

Once you locate your home street on the map, also enables you to chart directions from your street to another location. To find directions, type your street address into the search bar, and instead of clicking the Search button, click the blue Get Directions button. Type the address of your target location, and MapQuest then calculates the route and estimated time between the two locations.

Other features of the map include a zoom tool that allows you to zoom into your street on the map to view more detail. There is also a live traffic feed that shows traffic statuses for select roads. If your street is a major roadway in the area, you can use this tool to check the current traffic. MapQuest maps also provide satellite images, so click on the Satellite tab on the upper right corner of the map to view a photo of your street.