Where Can You Find Historical Gas Prices?


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Historical gas prices can be viewed by state for the years 1983 through March 2011 on the website of the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The data includes average monthly and annual gas retail prices for every state excluding taxes and is organized by grade and formulation.

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Data on gas prices by state prior to 1983 is estimated and extends as far back as 1970. This can be viewed through the State Energy Data System. This includes federal and state but not local taxes, and price estimates are given in dollars per million Btu (British thermal units).

More detailed gas price information is available at the U.S. Energy Information Administration for the years after 2000. This data includes weekly, average monthly and annual retail gas prices by grade and formulation, including taxes. However, it is only available for a limited selection of cities and states.

At the website of the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, there is more general information of average annual gas prices as far back as 1929, adjusted for inflation. This includes a graph and supporting table demonstrating the impact of political events related to oil supply on the average price of gas in the United States.

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