Where Can You Hire Cheap Car Drivers in the United Kingdom?


Depending on the reason a driver is needed, the easiest and cheapest way to get a driver in the United Kingdom can be to hire a local "man with van." This is a person with a vehicle who rents out services by the hour, including use of the vehicle. This is normally a transit van, but other vehicles may be available for specific purposes.

Man and van services are usually associated with moving, but they can be used for large purchases or, if the van is a crew van, small group transportation. Online services such as AnyVan.com, VanManHire.co.uk and CheckaTrade.com allow users to select local or national drivers to meet their specific needs. In some cases, this includes additional persons if they are needed for large moving jobs or other complex tasks.

For chauffeur services, no particularly cheap options exist, but there are several sources of chauffeured cars, including dedicated agencies and general car hire firms. These all provide the car, and they generally focus on luxury and upscale models, increasing the overall costs.

Alternatively, some insurance firms in the United Kingdom offer daily insurance; this allows any licensed U.K. driver to drive any car, subject to paying the correct premiums. These premiums vary depending on a wide variety of factors including the age of the driver, the vehicle type and the location, but getting a quote for a friend or colleague may indicate one way to get a cheap temporary driver in the United Kingdom.