How Can You Find Greyhound Bus Line Schedules?

can-greyhound-bus-line-schedules Credit: Omar B?rcena/CC-BY 2.0

To find Greyhound bus line schedules, visit, enter the requested information about your planned journey in the Tickets box and select Search Schedules. Journey information includes the departure and destination locations, whether the trip is one-way or return, the departure date, and the number of passengers traveling.

The page that opens displays the departure and arrival times of buses for your travel date, the length of time each journey takes, the number of transfers involved, and the prices of the various available fares. Click on +Schedule Details to view the complete schedule for the journey. Schedule information includes the names of all stops on the journey, arrival and departure times at each stop, and the length of time of any layovers. The schedule also indicates any stops where passengers need to transfer to another bus to continue their journeys, and the location of any stops for meals or rest rooms. All of the schedule times are based on local time zones.

If you are ready to purchase a ticket to secure a seat, select from the available fares and progress to payment by credit card. Web fares are cheaper than the standard rate fares, and refundable fares are the most expensive.

Scroll down to the foot of the page and select Station Locator to view the location of stations and their opening times. Select a station to view a detailed map and driving directions.