Where Can Gas Transmission Pipeline Maps Be Found Online?


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A public viewer for gas transmission pipelines in the United States can be found at the National Pipeline Mapping System, or NPMS, website. The NPMS public viewer page displays the gas transmission lines across the U.S. by individual state counties. A requester at the bottom of the page enables site visitors to choose the state and the county that they would like to review.

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An additional source for gas transmission pipeline maps is the U.S. Energy Information Administration, or EIA, website. The EIA maps are country-wide displays that also illustrate nationwide transportation corridors, compressor stations, import and export locations, supply basins and underground storage facilities. The maps presented by the EIA also offer detailed explanatory text relating to the specific focus of each map.

The NPMS website warns visitors that the county maps they provide of gas transmission pipelines should not be considered a substitute for contacting a one-call center prior to beginning any excavation work. Failure to contact an authorized utility-location service or one-call center before digging in an area can result in a fine or, in some cases, a criminal charge. Significant damage and serious injuries can result from excavation machinery striking a gas pipeline and the damage that can be caused to other underground utility lines can result in major power and communication outages. In the U.S., the one-call telephone-hotline number 811 provides contractors and other concerned parties with information regarding where it is safe to begin digging.

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