How Can You Find Gas Stations With 100 Octane Gas?

Sunoco Race Fuels provides Web users with a race fuel search engine that allows individuals to find local stations pumping 100 octane racing fuel. The search engine includes U.S. states where racing fuel is not street legal, such as California where it is only legal for sanctioned racing events.

As of 2015, Sunoco racing fuels are generally available from racing parks, speedways and auto sports centers throughout the United States. Sunoco’s race fuel finder provides a comprehensive list of participating distributors with station pumps providing 100 octane fuel. Each point on the map contains the distributor’s address, website, phone number, email, and notes that indicate whether racing fuel is available to the public. For example, the Phoenix International Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona, only provides fuel to racers during a racing event, while Mitchell’s Pit Stop in Los Angeles, California, offers SS 100 race fuel to the public from a pump, according to Sunoco Race Fuels.

Sunoco Race Fuel’s fuel finder indicates that there are 1,172 separate racing fuel distributors in the United States. Of these, the majority are located on the East Coast, with a particular concentration in the area surrounding Washington, D.C. and an area of secondary concentration in southern Florida.