How Can You Find Flight Statuses for Spirit Airlines?

can-flight-statuses-spirit-airlines Credit: ERIC SALARD/CC-BY-SA 2.0

To find flight statuses for Spirit Airlines, visit and click on Flight Status. Enter the departure and arrival airports, and date, to view information about the status of flights currently using that route. Alternatively, flight tracking sites, including and, display status updates for Spirit Airlines' flights.

Information about flight statuses on Spirit Airlines' flight status pages includes scheduled and actual departure times, and scheduled, estimated, or actual, arrival times. Within the information about each flight, you can also click on Show Info to see gate numbers, and Get Updates to sign up to receive further flight status updates from Spirit Airlines by email.

Find status updates for Spirit Airlines flights on by visiting the main page and searching for the flight in the box marked Flight Status, by Airline and flight number. If you do not have this information you can search by airport and date, or by route. You are then taken to a page showing flight status information and a real-time map tracking the flight's path. The site also offers a Set up a Flight Alert service through which you can receive updates about flights directly to your mobile device.

FlightAware offers a similar flight status tracking service to FlightStats. Visit FlightAware's main page and enter the airline and flight number, or the flight's origin and destination, and click Track to view status updates on that flight and see a map showing its live position on its route.