How Can You View a Flight's Seating Chart?


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It is usually possible to view a flight's seating chart at the time of making an online reservation, or by visiting the Manage My Booking section of the airline's website and signing in with your booking confirmation number after you have made a booking, as noted by Delta Airlines. Alternatively, visit travel sites such as SeatGuru.com or SeatMaestro.com, enter the airline name, flight number and departure date, and click Go or Search to view a seat plan for the flight.

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If you are not sure of the flight number, you can also search for the flight seat plans on SeatGuru.com or SeatMaestro.com, by entering departure and destination airports and departure date. The sites show the seating plans for most flights and offer user reviews on many seats. The seating plans show the row and seat numbers for each of the different seating categories, along with the locations of aisles, exits, restrooms and galleys. Both sites use a color-coding system to indicate good or bad seats and those that have mixed reviews. SeatGuru.com also offers further details about each seat in a pop-up window that appears when you hover over a seat.

The airlines' own seating plans show seating categories and availability, but do not include user reviews, as evidenced on Delta.com and United.com.

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