What Can You Do to Fix a Cracked TomTom Map?


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If your cracked TomTom is still under warranty, you can contact TomTom Customer Service to arrange a repair. If the warranty has expired, you will have to take it to an electronics repair business or replace the screen yourself.

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To replace the screen yourself, first you need a part number. If the screen still displays an image, you can find this information right on your TomTom. Press and hold the Power button for five seconds after you hear the drumbeat. A diagnostic screen will display. Look for a line of text which reads ?TFT Type.? Immediately after this phrase will be the brand and part number for your screen. Replacement screens can be purchased from a variety of internet sources, such as eBay.

Using a screwdriver, unscrew the screws on the bottom of the device. (A label may need to be peeled back in order to expose the screw heads.) Use a flathead screwdriver, butter knife, or other thin-bladed tool to lift the screen frame from the device. Detach the ribbon cable connector (this will look like a thin bronze-colored sheet) from the unit and remove the entire screen frame. Pop the cracked screen out of its frame and replace with the new screen. (Be sure to remove the protective plastic film from the new screen first.) Slide the new ribbon cable connector into place. The frame, with its new screen, should now fit snugly back into the unit. Replace the screws.

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