How Can You Find Ethanol-Free Gasoline Stations?


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All gasoline in Alaska is ethanol-free, and websites such as Pure-Gas.org and BuyRealGas.org enable motorists to locate gas stations that sell ethanol-free gasoline. The state of Oregon also lists stations within its borders on its website. Despite consumer preferences, ethanol-free gas is becoming increasingly harder to find as of 2015.

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How Can You Find Ethanol-Free Gasoline Stations?
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Pure-Gas.org is a database that lists gas stations throughout the United States and Canada that sell ethanol-free gas. BuyRealGas.org lists ethanol-free stations by state for the United States.

Over 95 percent of the gasoline sold in the United States is “E-10” meaning it is mixed with 10 percent ethanol. Ethanol oxygenates the fuel and enables it to burn more completely, leading to cleaner emissions. By reducing the amount of gasoline used, adding ethanol to fuel reduces dependence on foreign energy sources and helps the environment.

Critics of ethanol argue that since ethanol is corn-based, adding it to fuel raises food prices. They also claim it is highly corrosive to rubber and damages valves and gaskets, and if left in a machine, separates from gasoline, binds with water and causes severe engine damage. While this is true of older cars, automakers design modern cars to handle a 10 percent mixture of ethanol, so this claim is questionable.

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