Where Can You Find an Elevation Finder?


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Altitude.nu, ElevationMap.net and WhatisMyElevation.com are websites that allow users to find the elevation of any location. Altitude.nu features a convenient point-and-click interface that lets users click on a particular area on the map and instantly view its elevation. ElevationMap.net enables users to type a specific location in the search box, zoom in to a region to view the elevation, or right-click on the map and click Informations to access altitude details.

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Both Altitude.nu and ElevationMap.net provide an option for switching between map and satellite views. Other options on Altitude.nu include saving the map, clearing the location, showing the position, and switching between meter and feet. The site also offers information about the altitudes of well-known places.

Right-clicking on the map on ElevationMap.net gives options such as accessing more information about a location's altitude, saving the map, showing the exact location or elevation, setting an area as the start or end location, and zooming in or out of an area. The Directions tab enables users to search routes by typing start and end locations, while the Unit Converter tab offers conversion of measurement units, such as kilometers, meters, centimeters and millimeters.

WhatisMyElevation.com is a simple website that lets users enter a location in the search box at the top of the site, click Change Location to view another region's elevation, and choose between feet or meters.

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