Where Can You Find a Downloadable Route 66 Map?

Kelly Ludwig's Road Trip 66 app for iOS systems features a downloadable Route 66 map, and Route66Map.PublishPath.com offers an interactive Google Map of the route. DrivingRoute66.com and Historic66.com offer online maps for the route's main sections, and 66In2Weeks.com offers a Route 66 travel planning tool for use online and offline.

The Road Trip 66 app follows the original Route 66 with turn-by-turn directions and includes roadside attractions, eateries and diners. Route66Map shows the entire route on an interactive Google Map and uses color coding to show historical route alignments and connections.

DrivingRoute66.com and Historic66.com both show each section of the route by state and divide each state map into further sections. 66In2Weeks.com offers a trip-planning tool that produces an itinerary with turn-by-turn directions for each section of the route.