How Can You Download and Print a Map of the Entire State of Florida?

Download and print a map of the entire state of Florida on the Maps of World and the University of South Florida websites. MapQuest also has an online map of the state that you can print straight off its website without downloading it first.

To download a Florida map from Maps of World, go to, click on the United States of America on the world map on the home page and then click on the state of Florida. This pulls up a detailed map of the whole state that shows major cities such as Jacksonville, Miami and St. Petersburg, as well as major roads, parks, bodies of water and points of interest within the state.

The website of the University of South Florida's Educational Technology Clearinghouse has several thematic maps of Florida, including regular state maps, photo theme maps, fun maps and congressional district maps. These maps are available in several formats, including as PDF files, and they are available to print.

To print a Florida map from MapQuest, type Florida into the search engine, and then click the Print tab on the upper right corner of the map to print. The map is also available as a satellite image.