How Can You Determine a Township in Indiana by Address?


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American FactFinder provides all geographical boundaries for any U.S. address. This information includes, but is not limited to, county, township, school district and census tract.

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To find geographical data, select the advanced search option on the main page. Click on Geographies in the left-hand column. Choose the Address tab to pull up a search bar. Input the Indiana address. Make sure to include a city or a ZIP code. Information about the address is displayed from the largest, the smallest, the state and the census block group, and then it starts over with political information and congressional district. Keep in mind that this data is from the most recent census, and any changes since then are not be reflected in FactFinder.

StatsIndiana collects Indiana-specific data and has updated county and township maps. Navigate to the site, and select the Maps tab at the top. Choose boundary maps, and then scroll down to the Township tab. These maps are not highly detailed. Use them to estimate the township in conjunction with FactFinder. Recent changes to boundaries are listed on the Township Maps page. Use this list to determine if an address might be in question. If you are still uncertain, contact StatsIndiana through its website.

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