How Can You Determine the Altitude of a Certain Location in Colorado?


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Accessing the altitude of particular locations in Colorado involves finding the place name on elevation and topographic maps or searching the U.S. Department of the Interior's Geographic Names Information System database. Netstate LLC provides elevation maps on its NetState.com website, and TopoZone offers altitude listings on topographic maps.

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The elevation map of Colorado on the NetState.com website indicates altitude by color, with a minimum height of 3,315 feet to over 14,400 feet above sea level. The information on the map gives a general idea of elevation by area, without providing specifics.

Finding altitudes on the topographic maps from the Topozone.com website is best approached by honing in on a location on the satellite or map view and using the drop down to change to the MyTopo view. Once on the topographic map, enlarge the display until the elevations are legible on the features. For example, after selecting Junction Creek on the satellite map and switching to the topographic map, elevations of 7207 and 7436 are identifiable.

Using the Geographic Names Information System database requires entering the place name in the Feature Name box, selecting Colorado in the State drop down and clicking Send Query. The resulting information includes a column with elevation listed in feet for all variants of the place name. The elevation information derives from the National Elevation Dataset, a database of elevation levels updated continuously since 2014.

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