Where Can You Find Deck Plans for the Grandeur of the Seas?

Where Can You Find Deck Plans for the Grandeur of the Seas?

Deck plans for the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Grandeur of the Seas are available on the company website. Travel Weekly also publishes full deck plans for the Grandeur of the Seas.

As of 2015, Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas cruise ship features 11 decks with a capacity for 2,446 passengers. The Grandeur of the Seas is a mainstream class cruise ship with 376 inside cabins and 576 outside cabins. The ship is 916 feet long and features two outdoor pools, a spa and a casino.

Plans are available for decks two through 11, with the first deck being unavailable to visitors. Cabins are located on decks two through four and on decks seven and eight. Deck five features the theater, casino and a dining room. Deck six has the upper level of the theater, shops, lounges and a conference center.

Decks nine through 11 are upper level and include mostly entertainment. Deck nine features a large cafe, swimming pools, whirlpools, and a day spa and fitness center. Deck 10 offers entertainment centers, the second level of the day spa and exercise areas. Deck 11 is smaller and mostly consists of a lounge.

Deck eight has the most spacious staterooms and suites, many with balconies. The rooms on deck two are the most modest, though many still offer ocean views.