How Can You Find Your Current Longitude and Latitude?


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Find your current longitude and latitude by entering your address or ZIP code into the search box at WorldAtlas.com, as of 2015. You can also enter famous world attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower. Alternatively, obtain longitude and latitude coordinates using the Google Maps What's Here function.

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How Can You Find Your Current Longitude and Latitude?
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When looking for the longitude and latitude of commonly named locations at WorldAtlas.com, searchers should include the city and country as well as the address. A precise address yields more specific longitude and latitude coordinates than a general city and country. To use the longitude and latitude function on Google Maps, searchers should find their location, right-click exactly where they are, select What's Here, and click on the number at the bottom of the info card under the search box.

Latitude lines run across the globe in horizontal lines spaced about 69 miles apart. They are measured in degrees north and south of the equator, with the North Pole being 90 degrees north and the South Pole being 90 degrees south. Longitude lines run vertically north and south and are closer together near the poles. The lines are about 69 miles apart at the equator.

Greenwich, England, has zero degrees longitude, and there are 180 degrees of longitude east and west until they converge in the Pacific Ocean at the International Date Line. A latitude and longitude reading consists of latitude degrees, minutes and seconds north or south, longitude degrees, and minutes and seconds east or west.

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