Where Can You Compare Prices of Greyhound Bus Tickets?


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The prices of different Greyhound schedules can be compared at the official website, which can be set to display all of the departures and prices for a given day on one page. Competing bus companies, such as Megabus, also have similar systems at their websites.

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To compare the prices of different Greyhound departures, passengers should simply visit the official website and enter the data for the planned trip in the Tickets box in the upper-left corner. Passengers should enter the departure and arrival cities, the departure and return dates, the number of passengers, and any discount or promotion codes. The time segment must be set to Any for all departures for that day to be displayed in the results. Once the daily schedule has been displayed, passengers can scroll backward and forward through calendar days to further compare prices.

To compare prices with a competing bus company, passengers can open another tab in their browser after retrieving the Greyhound schedules and use the other company's website to compare fares. Megabus offers a similar system to the one utilized by Greyhound, but smaller regional companies may have less detailed information online. However, Greyhound's prices are generally lower if the passenger books the tickets in advance.

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