How Can You Compare Gas Prices Online?


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There are several websites that allow users to look up prices at nearby gas stations, including GasBuddy.com, Automotive.com, GasPriceWatch.com and AutoBlog.com. GasBuddy.com has a convenient app for use on mobile devices. Most of these sites rely on members to update the information, so users should find a site that is frequently updated in their area for better reliability.

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According to ConsumerReports.org, a reliable source of information is the Automobile Club of America. Users must find their local state AAA chapter, which may have a gas-price finding service. The information is gathered from reports by retailers and from credit-card transactions, making it more accurate and up-to-date than websites that rely on volunteer reporting. GasPriceWatch.com also lets users sort their results by how recently the prices were posted, helping users determine how recent and accurate the information is.

For a location-based service, MapQuest.com offers a gas-price overlay on its maps. After users type in their location, they are able to see local fuel providers and their current prices. GasBuddy.com has a feature it calls a "Gas Price Heat Map," which displays gas prices across the country through colors. This allows viewers to determine how gas prices compare in different places in the country. The AAA also offers its Daily Fuel Gauge Report. Users can look up average fuel prices in different states and see how the prices have fluctuated over the past several years.

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