Where Can You Find a Chesapeake Bay Map Online?


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As of 2015, you can find a map of Chesapeake Bay at websites such as ChesapeakeBay.net, About.com and CBF.org. The Chesapeake Bay map on About.com is linked to the Google Map view of the region and also allows users to view it at Street View level.

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CBF.org, which is the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's website, provides a wide variety of maps for the area. These maps include geographical features, such as the bay's major tributaries, its major river watersheds, counties located in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and satellite images of the bay itself. The Maps section of the website also provides various maps that highlight environmental features, such as air pollution, sewage treatment plants in the area, and population growth around the region.

ChesapeakeBay.net also provides a Maps section that displays maps in a gallery setup. Visitors to the website can browse through a variety of maps that highlight different types of information regarding Chesapeake Bay. The maps are organized into categories including Pressures, Health, Reference, and Science and Studies. Under the Pressures category, for example, users can view maps that display the chemical contaminants present in Chesapeake Bay, as well as a map on the population levels around the region in 2014.

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