How Can You Check the Status of an Alaska Airlines Flight?


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The Alaska Airlines website has a Check Flight Status utility that allows travelers and those waiting on flights to see if the flight or flights in question have been delayed or canceled. The Check Flight Status utility provides an easy set of search parameters to help users narrow down results and find the flight or flights they need to know about.

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How Can You Check the Status of an Alaska Airlines Flight?
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The flight checker uses simple information to search flights. It only needs things like departure dates or flight numbers.

  1. Search by date or location
  2. Users can search by a flight's departure date cross-referenced with where the flight is taking off and where it is scheduled to land. This generates a list of flights matching the description given which users can then peruse.

  3. Search by flight number
  4. Users who want more direct results and who have their flight number can simply input it and find their flight directly. This is the easiest way to keep tabs on a flight as it does not involve any searching through lists and puzzling out correct flights.

  5. Stay updated
  6. Once the user has found their flight, they can sign up for text or email updates in order to remain current. It is a good way to keep travel plans flexible and informed.

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