Where Can You Check the Flight Status of a Turkish Airlines Flight?

Turkish Airlines provides flight status updates on its website, TurkishAirlines.com. Flight-tracking sites, including FlightStats.com and FlightAware.com, also provide flight status updates together with live tracking information for Turkish Airlines and for the majority of commercial airline flights around the world.

From Turkish Airlines' main page, click on Flight Status and choose whether to enter information about the flight by departure and arrival cities and date, flight number and date, or departure and arrival airports and date. Flight status details include scheduled and actual departure times and scheduled, estimated and actual landing times.

Turkish Airlines offers a mobile-friendly app that enables the user to access all Turkish Airlines services via mobile. Services include tracking the departure and arrival status of flights.

FlightStats.com holds up-to-date flight information on most commercial flights, including Turkish Airlines. From the home page, enter the flight number, airline or airport information into the Search Status box to view a live map of the flight's path and up-to-date flight information. FlightStats.com also offers a service to send flight alerts to the mobile phones or tablets of users who register for this service on their site. From the main page, click on Flights followed by Flight Alerts to sign up.

FlightAware.com also has a similar search box on its home page to track the status of the majority of commercial flights. From their main page, click on Live Flight Tracking and search for the flight.