Can You Check-in Earlier Online for a Southwest Airline Flight?


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Anyone who flies with Southwest Airlines may check in to their flight up to 24 fours prior to boarding. Additionally, Southwest Airlines offers a service called Earlybird Check-In where customers are checked in automatically at the beginning of the check-in period, regardless of when they confirm their boarding pass.

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Check-ins may be confirmed and boarding passes printed in one of four ways. Customers may print a boarding pass from home through Southwest.com. They may check in at a Southwest Airlines Skycap Podium, a curbside check-in service available at some, but not all, airports. They may check in at the ticket counter by interacting with a Southwest ticket agent. Ticket holders may also check themselves in at an E-Ticket Check-In kiosk, a standalone, ATM-like machine that is available in some airports.

Of these methods, checking in via Southwest.com offers the most flexibility. Southwest offers customers an option by which they can check in using their web-enabled mobile devices, such as a phone or tablet. Once customers have checked in and arrived at the airport, they may use an E-Ticket Check-In kiosk to print a boarding pass. The system recognizes that the customer has already checked in, and a boarding pass prints automatically.

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