How Can You Check Arrivals at Des Moines International Airport?


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To check for arrivals at Des Moines International Airport, go to the airline's website, click on "Flight Status" and create a filtered list using information about the flight. Any flight listed as "InAir" and has an airplane icon can also be tracked by clicking on the link.

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To check for an arrival at Des Moines International Airport:

  1. Go to the Des Moines International Airport website
  2. Go to the airport's official website and click on "Flight Status."

  3. Filter the list
  4. Click on the button for "Arrivals." Filter the list by airline, city or a specific flight number. For example, if interested in arrivals of American Airlines flights, choose "American Airlines" from the drop-down list. To see all flights arriving from a specific city, such as Las Vegas, choose the city from the "Filter by City" drop-down list.

  5. Search for the flight
  6. Click on "Filter List" to view a list of arrival flights that match the information provided. Arrivals will be displayed along with scheduled time, updated time, status and gate number. Flights that have taken off but not arrived will be listed as "In Air" and can be tracked with the flight tracker. Click on the link under "Status" for more detailed information on the flight.

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