How Can You Find Cheap Flights With EDreams?

How Can You Find Cheap Flights With EDreams?

Find cheap flights through eDreams by using the Price Search tool available on, as of May 2015. The tool provides the cheapest flight date combinations based on the departure city and destination.

Visit the home page, and click on Flights. Top Flight deals are listed under the Book Travel Deals heading. Click on More Offers to use the eDreams Price Search. Select either round trip or one way. Enter the departure city and arrival city, and then perform a search.

Results are listed in a bar graph format. The date is listed on the bottom, with a price listing on the side. A bar above each date corresponds to its price. To view prices in other months, click on another month at the top of the graph.

Choose your flight date, set the number of passengers and click on Update. The next page lists all available flights on the dates selected, with the cheapest flights listed first. Select a flight. Sign in if you're a registered user of eDreams. If not registered, enter the passenger and customer information. Enter your payment information to complete the purchase.

To search for flights on specific dates, use eDreams' standard flight search tool. Under the time heading, select Lowest Fare to see the cheapest options available on those dates.