How Can You Calculate the Miles Between Two Locations?


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Calculate the miles between two locations by measuring the distance between the two locations on a map using a ruler and converting this measurement into miles using the scale of the map. Alternatively, use mileage calculating tools available on the Internet.

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How Can You Calculate the Miles Between Two Locations?
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When measuring the distance between two locations on a map, measure along the roads that are to be taken with a ruler. If it is not possible to measure using a ruler, use a piece of string to find the length of the road on the map and straighten it along a ruler. Take the measurements in inches.

The scale of the map is given in the key that is usually located along the map's edge. Normally, the key contains a straight line and indicates the conversion factor from inches to miles. For example, if the map's scale reads "1 inch = 5 miles" it means that the distance measured on the map in inches must be multiplied by a factor to five to arrive at the actual distance in miles.

Alternatively, use the trip calculators found on mapping websites. These tools calculate the distance between two locations using satellite data. They can also be used to verify the distance calculated using a map. These online calculators tend to be more accurate than using maps.

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