How Can You Buy Volare Airlines Tickets?


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The easiest way to buy Volare Airlines tickets is to use online booking sites such as AlternativeAirlines.com and OneTravel.com. Volare is a small regional carrier based in Milan, Italy, that is affiliated with Alitalia and offers service within Italy and to select European cities.

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How Can You Buy Volare Airlines Tickets?
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AlternativeAirlines.com is based in the United Kingdom and specializes in booking smaller airlines, including Air Niugini, Maya Island Air, Air Serbia and Volare. The Volare page includes information on the carrier, its routes and an easy-to-use search screen. Filling in the required information and hitting the "find flights" button leads to chart of available flights with the lowest fares highlighted.

Volare code shares with a number of carriers, including KLM and Lufthansa. The Volare flights list as Alitalia. By hovering over each flight option, the names of the actual carriers used, along with the number of connections on the itinerary, is displayed.

The search on OneTravel.com works similarly, but the site lists the airlines with the lowest fares first. For example, when looking for flights from Milan, Italy, to Helsinki, Finland, Lufthansa and KLM were first on the list, while the Volare flights were somewhere in the middle. This site has a more extensive list of flights, but if the passenger only wants to fly Volare they have to do a bit of extra searching.

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