How Can You Buy and Sell Items in the Netherlands?


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Buying and selling items online in the Netherlands works the same as most western countries; the Netherlands does have its own shopping websites, and the most popular are marktplaats.nl and bol.com, as of 2015. International websites such as eBay and Esty also provide options.

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How Can You Buy and Sell Items in the Netherlands?
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Marktplaas is an auction website, which was bought by eBay in 2004, where sellers list their second hand goods or products and other members can bid on them. Bol.com works similarly to Amazon.com, where branded goods are all listed under the one product description with the various price/condition options listed below. It also has customer service advantages, such as a returns policy, free shipping on orders more than €20, next day shipping and a 24/7 customer service chat tool.

Amazon.com also has a Netherlands-based sub-website. EBay is still used in the Netherlands, as it has internationally based sellers, and so a wider range of goods is available. Though eBay does not provide the same individual service as Amazon.com, it does have the option of narrowing the search terms to items that can be shipped to a specific country or items that can be shipped worldwide. EBay does still have some international restrictions but includes all western countries.

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