Where Can You Buy MTA Bus Passes in NYC?


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People can buy New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) passes at vending machines, on buses and at subway booths. They can also find passes at participating local retailers.

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Where Can You Buy MTA Bus Passes in NYC?
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New York City's MTA transit system consists of both subway and bus lines. Passes for the MTA are issued as MetroCards. Customers can purchase Pay-Per-Ride MetroCards or Unlimited Ride MetroCards. Customers can use Pay-Per-Ride cards by loading credit onto their cards. Each time they ride the bus or subway, the fare amount is deducted from the card. Unlimited Ride MetroCards offer unlimited travel within specific time frames.

The easiest place to purchase both Pay-Per-Ride and Unlimited MetroCards is at an MTA vending machine, as these accept cash, bank cards and credit cards. Customers who can pay in cash can also buy passes from subway booth attendants and bus drivers. However, they must use exact change when purchasing a pass from a bus driver. Customers can also pay for a single bus fare in cash.

Some participating local retailers sell MetroCards. Customers can find authorized merchants through the official MTA website.

The MTA also offers student MetroCards at a reduced rate. These passes include travel to and from school and school related activities. Schools are responsible for issuing student MetroCards.

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