Where Can You Buy Gas Without Ethanol?


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Gas without ethanol is available at over 10,000 gas stations in the United States and Canada as of 2015, including all of the gas stations in Alaska. No specific brands of gasoline are ethanol-free; a number of websites and apps, however, provide ways to locate ethanol-free gas.

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Fewer than five percent of U.S. gas stations sell ethanol-free, or E0, gasoline, according to Fuel Testers. The websites Pure-Gas.org and Buy Real Gas offer frequently-updated maps showing locations of gas stations that sell ethanol-free gas. The Pure Gas app for iPhone and Android provides the same service. Calling oil and gas distributors for information is another means of finding local gas stations offering ethanol-free gas. To ensure that gas is truly ethanol-free, Fuel Testers recommends testing the gas at the pump.

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