Where Can You Buy a Antique Map of Florida?


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Antique maps of Florida are available online through specialty retailers. Sometimes selling platforms such as eBay.com list antique maps of Florida being sold by independent sellers.

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As of 2015, HistoricMapWorks.com has antique maps of Florida dating back as far as the 16th century. One such map is officially known as "Tierra Nveva," and was published in 1598 by Girolamo Ruscelli. Like many of the maps on this site, it is only available as a high-quality reproduction.

RareMaps.com also has several antique maps of Florida for sale dating back even further. The site's 1587 map is a reproduction of Ortelius' map, which was featured in the Spanish edition of Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. A 1591 map called Floridae Americae Provinciae Recens was made by Jacques Le Moyne. In its time, this map was one of the most important maps of the region from the 16th century.

PineBrookeMaps.com is another website selling antique maps of Florida. One example is an 1836 map made by H. Tanner that's said to be in "very good condition."

Graphicus.com does not have as many options because the stock varies according to what comes into the antique store. For example, at the time of writing the site offers a 1884 Drew Pocket Map of Florida, advertised as the only 19th-century pocket map of Florida published within Florida.

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