Where Can You Book Flights for Allegiant Air?

Where Can You Book Flights for Allegiant Air?

Customers book Allegiant Air flights directly through the company via its website or customer service number or at the airport ticket counter. Allegiant Air does not use services such as Expedia or Orbitz to sell tickets.

The Allegiant Air website allows passengers to book flights without incurring additional fees. Reservations made over the phone with a customer service representative incur an additional fee per person and per segment of the trip.

The Book Vacation tab provides search fields for users. Once the user selects a departure city, the arrival city field shows only the locations available from the departure city, as not all locations are available from each departure city. The search page also includes fields for the departure date, return date and number of passengers.

The search results page shows the flight options matching the search criteria. Passengers choose the departure and return flights desired. Allegiant charges extra for almost every service, including seat selection, paying with a credit card, priority boarding, checked bags and carry-on bags.

Allegiant air only offers airport booking for same-day travel, and booking is subject to availability on the flight. Allegiant charges a fee when a customer service representative at the ticket counter prints a boarding pass for a passenger.