How Can You Get a Better Seat Assignment on an Airbus A320?

In order to get the best seat assignment on an Airbus A320, consult the airline ahead of time regarding seating policies and how to request an upgrade if one becomes available. If you can't afford a first-class seat, choose an aisle seat in an exit row, which typically provides the most leg room. If you travel regularly, join the airline's frequent-flier program to get priority seating, and check in early so you don't lose your seat.

Although individual needs vary, the best seats offer ample legroom and extra storage. Choose a bulkhead seat if you prefer that no one sits in front of you; these seats offer a little more storage room as well. Aisle seats offer easy in-and-out access, while window seats offer more natural light and a place to rest your head if you want to sleep. Always book your flight and reserve your seat as far in advance as possible, since the most comfortable seats fill up quickly.

The largest operators of Airbus A320s in the world are US Airways, Easyjet, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines. However, the model is popular with many discount airlines as well. Each airline uses a unique seating arrangement on its aircraft, meaning there is no universally superior seat.