How Can You Find the Average Taxi Fare to an Airport?

How Can You Find the Average Taxi Fare to an Airport?

Riders can look up the average taxi fare from their airport by using a taxi fare calculator such as TaxiFareFinder. These calculators use taxi rates, distances, gas prices and even tips to determine the average price that riders can expect to pay.

Taxi fares can be notoriously high in certain areas. Ensure that enough money is set aside for taxi rides before a business trip by using a fare finder to estimate costs.

  1. Visit TaxiFareFinder
  2. Use a Web browser to navigate to TaxiFareFinder. Fill in the state, city, county, college or other location identifier under "Find your taxi calculator."

  3. Enter pick up and drop off point
  4. Type in a pick up point under "Enter where you are" and also type in a drop off point under "Enter your destination." Click on "Calculate Fare" to get an average fare estimate.

  5. Review the fare information
  6. Look for the average fare estimate in the upper left corner of the next page. Below this should be a breakdown of the fare price including, the metered fare, initial charge, tip and any fees for picking up at an airport.