Where Can You Find an Alphabetical List of the United States Capitals?


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Apples4theTeacher.com and Wikipedia.org each has a list of state capitals that users can view in alphabetical order by the name of either the state or its capital city. Websites such as 50States.com and State.1KeyData.com have lists in alphabetical order by state only.

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The Wikipedia list includes facts about each state and capital, such as the date of statehood, the date a city became the state capital, land area, population information and special notes. Albany, the first state capital alphabetically, is the capital of the state of New York, but New York City is its largest city. Atlanta, Georgia is the capital with the largest metro-area population in the United States. Boston, Massachusetts is the city that has served longest as its state capital, while Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is the one that has served for the shortest amount of time.

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