How Can You Get Free Airport Parking?

How Can You Get Free Airport Parking?

As of 2015, passengers at select airports can get free parking by signing up with FlightCar, which rents out its cars to customers in exchange for free parking. In return, passengers also receive a free car wash and gas card. FlightCar prescreens all customers before allowing them to rent the cars, insures cars up to $1 million and compensates car owners for unfilled gas tanks and certain traffic tickets received during the rental, notes

To join FlightCar as a car owner and receive free parking, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Go to the FlightCar website by entering into a browser window.

  3. Determine availability
  4. Before joining, check to see if FlightCar is available at the desired airport by viewing the list of locations at the bottom of the screen. As of 2015, available cities include Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

  5. Join FlightCar
  6. Sign up for a free account by completing the form with name, email address and phone number. Click on "List now!" to submit the form.

  7. List the car
  8. Log into the account and enter information about the car and trip into the displayed form.

  9. Drop off the car
  10. Drop off the car at the FlightCar parking facility on the departure date. FlightCar will take passengers to their terminal.

  11. Pick up the car
  12. Upon return, a FlightCar representative will take passengers back to their car.