Where Can You Access Live Satellite Maps Online?


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Urthecast.com streams live views of the Earth from satellites 250 miles above the planet's surface, and FlashEarth.com displays NASA maps of the Earth filmed on the previous day. No company provides live satellite maps online, as of September 2015. However, Google Maps can show live traffic updates on its road maps.

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Skybox Imaging has demonstrated its ability to produce detailed footage from satellites positioned 370 miles above the Earth. Images show planes landing live at Beijing airport in such detail that viewers can identify individual planes. Google acquired Skybox Imaging in 2014 and is working towards producing live satellite images that not-for-profit organizations can use to track disaster recovery or the movement of refugees in war zones.

Urthecaste has been working with NASA to stream live video images from four high-definition earth viewing cameras that show the planet form an astronaut's view point. Viewers click Live on the Urthecast.com home page to see the Earth spinning slowly from four different angles, with clouds, continents and seas clearly visible. The site also has a gallery of photo stories comprising satellite screen shots of key events, such as the Tiananmen Square parade and Fresno County wildfires; geographical areas such as Kazakhstan's Ural river and Egypt's Nile valley; and cities, including Barcelona and London

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