How Can You Access the Latest South Shore Train Schedule?

To find the latest South Shore train schedule, navigate to, the website for the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District, and select Schedules from the menu on the left side bar. Choose either Westbound or Eastbound, and click on the weekdays, weekend or holidays links to view the schedules. The website recommends that viewers refresh the webpage or clear their browser caches to view the latest schedule.

The schedules list the train numbers and the times when trains stop at specific stations. The letter “F” before the stop time represents a flag stop and denotes a station where passengers can press a button to signal the train to stop. A letter “D” before the stop time means that the train departs only after its passengers disembark. The schedules also mention which trains do not allow passengers to board or disembark between specific stations.

The NICTD website notes that South Bend follows Eastern Standard Time whereas the other stations follow Central Standard Time. The website also has a system map that shows the route the South Shore trains follow and the location of the stations. The South Shore trains originate in South Bend and go to Millennium Station in Chicago, stopping at 20 stations on the way, as of 2015.