How Can You Access the Airbus A321 Seating Chart?

How Can You Access the Airbus A321 Seating Chart?

To find the Airbus A321 seating chart, visit your airline's website; some airlines, including Jet Blue, publish their A321 seat maps online. If a chart is not available, visit, click on the Find Seat Maps button and search for your flight.

Each airline uses its own seating configuration for the Airbus A321. To locate a chart for a specific airline, look for a page marked Our Fleet or Our Planes. Information about individual planes is often located in the About section.

SeatGuru publishes seating charts for the A321s operated by most major airlines. If you do not have a specific flight, click on the Browse Airlines button on the SeatGuru homepage. Scroll down the list of airlines and click on the correct name. On the Flight Information page, click on the Airbus A321 link to view seating charts.

Some airlines use different layouts for different routes. Jet Blue, for example, uses one A321 seating plan for core routes and one for transcontinental routes.

The Airbus A321 is the largest plane in the A320 series. It typically holds between 185 and 220 passengers, depending on the configuration. Airlines with two class options offer fewer seats. The single-aisle design and high-capacity body are intended to reduce ticket prices.