How Can an 18-Year-Old Rent a Car?

To rent a car at 18 years old, have a valid driving license, consider the costs and rent from smaller companies. Individuals under the age of 25 face a number of challenges when renting cars because statistics show this age group as having the highest number of accidents, notes

Most corporate or large companies do not rent vehicles to individuals under the age of 25. It is prudent to seek out a rental car through smaller companies or personally owned vehicles. However, individuals living in New York and Michigan can rent from any company without restrictions.

Compare the rates of each company, because each may charge an underage fee. This fee varies from one company to another. Drivers may also find that some companies offer discounts on certain types of vehicles. Use online resources or talk to the staff of each company to learn about pricing. Carefully go over the terms and conditions of each company before settling on any.

Choose a vehicle that is not luxurious, as companies are more likely to rent such vehicles to individuals who fall under 25 years of age. At the renting office, produce a valid driver's license and auto insurance documentation. In certain cases, drivers are subject to a driving record and license check.