What Are Some California Property Zoning Codes?


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Some residential property zoning codes used in the state of California include Zone R-1, Zone R-2, Zone R-A and Zone RPD. Some industrial property zoning codes used in California include Zone B-1, Zone M-1 1/2 and Zone M-1. Zoning codes vary by county, these codes are used by the Los Angeles County Zoning Ordinance. Codes are divided into categories delineated by intended use, such as residential, industrial, agricultural, commercial and split-purpose zones.

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Los Angeles County residential property zoning code R-1 is for a single-family residence. Some specifications include a minimum of 5,000 square feet per lot, a minimum of two covered parking spaces per lot and a front yard of at least 20 feet. Zoning code R-2 designates a two-family residence such as a duplex. These specifications are similar to those of code R-1.

Zone R-A is the Los Angeles County code for residential agriculture. Permitted uses for this code include a single-family residence and crops such as fields, trees, and row and nursery stock. Zoning code RPD permits a residential planned development. The specifications for each residence within the development adhere to the zoning requirements of R-1 codes, and the development in its entirety must encompass a minimum of five acres.

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