What Are Some California Lakes?

What Are Some California Lakes?

The Salton Sea, Lake Tahoe, Antelope Lake, Pyramid Lake and Lake Havasu are some of California's lakes. Other California lakes include the San Luis Reservoir, Shasta Lake, Frenchman Lake, Quail Lake and Lake Davis. Silverwood Lake, near Los Angeles, has the highest elevation in the California State Water Project at 3,350 feet.

California's largest lake is the Salton Sea, near San Diego, at 376 square miles. Lake Tahoe, which California shares with Nevada, is the largest freshwater lake at 191 square miles, and its greatest depth is 1,645 feet.

Lake Havasu, along California's border with Arizona, is 45 miles in length. Shasta Lake, near Sacramento, is California's largest man-made reservoir with 365 miles of shoreline when full.

The San Luis Reservoir, located east of Monterrey Bay, serves as a water-storage area and as flood protection for its surrounding towns. Lake Davis is a man-made lake that serves three campgrounds within the Plumas National Forest.

Antelope Lake, formed by the creation of the Antelope Dam, also is part of the Plumas National Forest and has 15 miles of forested shoreline. Pyramid Lake serves as storage for an electric power plant owned by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

Frenchman Lake, near Reno, Nevada, provides irrigation water for the Sierra Valley. Quail Lake is the creation of a large movement within the San Andreas Fault during the late Tertiary Period.